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About Company

The «MEDIKOT» company

The main purpose of the company is the introduction of new production technologies in the Uzbek economy, the addition of the internal market of consumer goods produced from local raw materials, as well as increase the export potential of the republic through the production of export-oriented liquid products.

Currently, more than 80 people work at the plant. The staff of our company is a highly qualified specialists, who thoroughly working at all stages of production.

The quality of products is primarily dependent on the feedstock used. Supply service of Medikot JV holds in the field of view of raw materials market and, in turn, its mission is to supply high-quality raw materials, search for and identification of the most high-quality raw materials, timely uninterrupted delivery. Armed with modern tooling lab it has the ability to conduct research quickly and accurately, ensuring proper quality control of the entire process chain, from raw material to finished product.

All departments are equipped with modern equipment of famous brands such as: Marzoli, Pozzi, LTG, Fleissner, Trutzschler.

Currently, we have established partnerships with companies from Asia and Europe. We are interested in long-term mutual cooperation with new partners from different countries.

You can contact us by clicking on the Contact Us page or use the phone number shown at the bottom of this page.