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Cotton wool for clothes and furniture O'zDSt 1029:2014

This is a fibrous product, which was obtained in the process of mixing the raw materials of low grades of cotton, as well as lint, cotton gin waste, and textile production.

Cotton wool, depending on the destination, is divided into two types, for clothes and furniture. For clothes, cotton is divided into types: "Lux", "Prima" and "Sewing". Cotton wool for furniture subdivided into types: "Combed" and "Mattress".

The wool mineral oil contamination is not permitted.

Cotton wool should not be putrid odor.

Cotton Wool clothing and furniture (combed) should be well combed, preserving adherence between a readily delaminate into parallel layers.

Cotton wool (for mattress) should be well loosened.

According to the physical and mechanical characteristics cotton wool, depending on the weight of bales, shall comply with the standards listed below.


Name of indexes Cotton wool for clothes Cotton wool for furniture
Lux Prima Sewing Combed Mattress
Elasticity,%, at least at the weight of bale:          
From 25 to 60 kg 67,0 65,0 60,0 54,0 50,0
From 100 to 150 kg 52,0 47,0 42,0 38,0 35,0
From 200 tо 250 kg 46,0 45,0 40,0 35,0 32,0
Mass density, kg/ш3, no more at bale weight:
From 25 to 60 kg 22,0 23,0 25,0 30,0 35,0
From 100 to 150 kg 27,0 29,0 32,0 35,0 38,0
From 200 to 250 kg 29,0 30,0 35,0 39,0 40,0
Mass fraction of dirt, %, no more than 2,0 4,0 6,0 8,0 12,0
Normalized humidity to calculate the conditional mass% 9,0